Nikon NX Field e' la prima vera innovazione degli ultimi anni nel settore dello scatto remoto sincronizzato di piu' fotocamere. Con un'affidabilità senza precedenti, assicura un controllo multiplo intuitivo, un trasferimento rapido delle immagini verso server FTP ed un set di applicazioni versatili, offrendo ai fotografi professionisti maggiori possibilita' creative.



Compatible cameras: Nikon D6, D5.

Support for the Nikon Z 9, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7 and Z 6 is planned for the future.

Smart Device Models and OS supported by the App: iPhone 8 or later, iPad Pro (2018 model) or later, iPad4 Air 4 or later iOS and iPad OS (version 14.4 or later for booth).


Primary features:

   . Shutter release for multiple, remote compatible Nikon digital SLR cameras can be syncronized with a single , master    


   . The ability to use AF on remote camera enables photo compositions that were previously difficult to achieve from  

     conventional perspectives and angles

   . Shutter release can be synchronized, camera settings can be adjusted remotely, and the live view image on remote

     cameras can be checked, all while uploadnig images at high speed to an FTP server

   . Simple network configuration using wired LAN cable realizes excellent stability less likely to be affected by difficulties

     common with wireless networks

   . Support for remote shooting and settings adjustment, as well as the uploading images, via the internet such as the 5G

     high-speed communications standard.

   . Works with the robotics of Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited, a Nikon subsidiary, to reliably capture decisive


   . Simplifies complicated workflows by using the dedicated NX Field smart device app to change settings on multiple

     remote cameras

   . Using the master camera or dedicated NX Field smart device app anebles the user to remotely check the camera

     connection status, battery level, number of possible shots and images upload status.

   . The dedicated NX Field smart device app can also be used to restart the network functions on remote cameras and

     recover connections if networks fail.


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